Lovely Little Love Story: Part 1

Where do I even start.

It was Summer. It was July. I was working at a cleaners with one of my best friends, my other best friends were home from college, Bachelorette was airing (the season with Emily, the good one, you know...) and after having spent a semester living at home, I was really excited to be heading back to the University of Utah in a few months!

After having gone through a recent break up, I was in the process of "cleansing my palate" so to speak, and was going on a few dates a week with a variety of people. Guys I grew up with, guys I went to college with... and one day my dad gave me a call from work.

"Lara, I've got this guy here, his name is Joe. He goes to BYU, he's an RM, he's pretty tall, what would you think if I told him to look you up on Facebook?"

I remember my exact reply.

"What's the worse that could happen?"

Now, I've known Joe for a few years now, and he's not exactly the Facebooking type. I took the initiative and looked him up on facebook.

Here are the first pictures we saw of each other. (We were so little then...)

July 4th he messaged me, and asked how my summer had been. I talked about getting ready to move, he talked about camping and his internship. He told me once he had a very important question and that was if I liked tennis or not. When I said I did, and asked why, he told me there was no reason. And I laughed for so long at that. It was the first tip off that maybe I liked this guy, because really it wasn't as funny as I thought it was. He asked for my number one day, and called me, asking me out for dinner that night.

We went and got Chinese food, walked around the mall, talked about sports, about college, aboout friends, about hobbies, about high school. And then he dropped me back off at home. It was about 8pm. And I wasn't used to coming home from dates so early. I wasn't alright with this! Did he not like me? We said goodbye, and he left.

Now, Joe is a smart guy, turns out. This strategy of having a short date (he'd picked me up around 6:30pm) leaves the girl wondering these things. And it ensures that she doesn't get tired of him after a marathon-long date.

But he called me the next day and asked me out again.

And when he got home that night, he texted me and said "P.S., I think you're a really cool girl."

And that was it, I was smitten.

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