A Short Review On Books

I've been in love with reading as of late. It's this dang nook. I can't put it down! Just brush your finger on the screen and it changes the page! It doesn't hurt your eyes like LCD! 

I didn't really read when I was in SLC. I think I read the Hunger Games.... and that was it. Yeah. 

But now I read at the bus stop and walking to the bus stop and walking between classes and waiting between classes and sitting on the bus and in class if class is boring and driving in the car (I'm not the one driving...) and at work and after work and during dinner/lunch/breakfast. My computer has been a brat lately, and WON'T WORK so I read. 

And I'm ok with that.

Here is what I have read lately. 

The Giver
A Single Shard
The Hunting of the Snark
The Walrus and the Carpenter
Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children
Bridge To Terabithia 
The Cay
The Swiss Family Robinson
Mere Chrisstianity
Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close
Bud Not Buddy

(currently reading Ender's Game)

Here is what my mom has read lately:
A Quilter's Holiday
The Lost Quilter
The Quilter Kitchen
The Winding Ways Quilt
The New Year's Quilt
The Quilter's Homecoming
The Sugar Camp Quilt
The Quilter's Legacy 
The Runaway Quilt
The Cross-Country Quilters
The Quilter's Apprentice 
Circle of Quilters
The Master Quilter
The Christmas Quilt

Here is what my brother has read lately:
Consider Phlebas
The Dark Is Rising
How To Read Like a Professor
Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files
The Emperor of Nihon-Ja 

We like books. I like to see what books my mom reads. 

Um... winning book on the list of books I've read as of late would be..... Bridge to Terabithia. Last place is the peculiar children book. It was boring and badly written. 

Ender's Game is slowly climbing up to being first place.

That book is awesome. I stayed up durn late reading that book.

Lit quote of the day:

Student: Can I present on the 5th?

Teacher: Yes. If you don't go out and neck.

Student: *Blushes* I... no.... I wasn't!

Teacher: Know what... you look good in red.

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