The Working Girl

I'm not even going to apologize for not blogging. I do that too much. It doesn't mean anything anymore. 


School is out.

Let me tell you what I've been doing. Working.

73 hours in the last 2 weeks. I am AWESOME. I wish my paycheck was more awesome... but it's still pretty awesome.

There are some things that you learn to hate when you work at the cleaners.

Here are my confessions.

-We hate it when you return hangers. I know recycling is good and all... but I'm tired of taking the hangers.

-Don't ask us to check the cost on your clothing. Chances are that we accidentally UNDER charged you. Especially if it's blankets/drapes. If you're trying to get a cheaper bill, you won't get it.

-If we close at 7, that means the door closes behind us at 7. So please don't show up at 6:59 with a drop off of 70 clothes. We'll slit all the pockets.

-If it's wet and it smells, do it at your own house.

-Stop smoking.

-We don't need to hear why your clothes are dirty! 
"Don't worry, it's just vomit."
"My dog was sleeping on this for a few weeks."
"Oh. Definitely dry clean this. I leak a little."
"I dripped soup on the crotch."
"There's a bit of blood all over this quilt."

Those are real things we've heard.

I actually love working here though. It's great :) You get to be good friends with the people you see almost 80 hours a week. Sometimes the job can be a little annoying, but you know what? It's great. And I love it.

Oh and we're hiring. So come in. Please. 

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MEK said...

Where are you working??? Text me. Get my number from your mommy K