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I was thinking about senses last night. Because I think about stupid things when I fall asleep.

Probably because Stupid is watching me. 

Well my elbow was sticking out from under my covers and I quickly tucked it back in because gurl! That is SCARY. 

Then I started thinking about why people are scared of the dark. It's irrational really. But it's because it's a deprivation of a sense we really rely on. Even imagine all of the sudden not being able to hear. That would scare you, right? But we rely on sight so much, to not have that sense is freaky.

On top of that, when it's dark, it's usually night, and when it's night, we're usually tired, so our guards are down. Naturally our body starts freaking out. "YOU'RE TIRED. YOU CANNOT SEE. GET YOURSELF TO SAFETY."

Now. They say that scent is the most powerful recall tool.

That's why they tell you to splurge on a perfume especially for your wedding day. So that every time you smell that perfume after, you remember that day.

That's why we scent letters that we send to our loved ones far away. It helps them remember the happy times when they weren't so far away. 

When I moved out of my house and into my first house in SLC, I bought a new conditioner. Aussie. The "moist" kind. It has a very strong smell. I love conditioners and shampoos that smell strong. The smell lasts through the day, and when the wind blows through your hair, you smell it. I suppose I wouldn't like the strong smells that smell like poo.

Last week my mom bought me that conditioner. I hadn't used it since I was away for school.... so when I washed my hair I was suddenly thrown back to that time.

Sitting in my cold shower. It was cold not because we had no hot water, but because I was so dang hot that I needed something to cool down. 

And I was getting all sorts of crazy excited because in the kitchen I had bagels and grapefruit juice that I had bought myself. Grocery shopping by myself. And I picked it out to eat myself. And I was going to eat it because I wanted to eat it, not because it was all that was in the kitchen.

Though it was all that was in the kitchen.

I later got to be better at grocery shopping.

So I washed my hair that morning and remembered being in that house, completely alone, with little knowledge of what in the world I was doing. And I was excited. It was a  new start.

So that Aussie conditioner is a new start for me. And it reminds me that every day IS a new day. Do you realize how profound that is? No matter what happened the day before, the world is still spinning on the next day. And you can choose to spin along with it or give up. 

Each day is just a new refresh button. To try again what you failed at the day before, or to try something new. And that's awfully refreshing.

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Ari and Josh said...

I know what you mean about scents taking you back to certain memories!! And I think it's funny that you mentioned Aussie shampoo. After we were sealed, and after the picture taking and partying was over, before we headed to our hotel I asked Josh if we could stop at the store to buy shampoo/conditioner because I refused to use the ones the hotel gives you. We ended up buying Aussie shampoo, so now whenever I smell it, I think of our wedding day and our honeymoon :) Not a bad memory, eh?