Brittany and I have written a TV show. It's called Jug and Doug.

Doug is a preacher on the straight and narrow, and he's proud of how his life is going. When all of the sudden, long lost little sister Jug shows up. And what has she been doing?


Doug loves his family though, and the "right thing" seems to be taking her in, helping her turn her life around and become happy. 

Episode one:

He drags her to church. She whines and moans. And seduces the altar boys.

Episode two:

She goes missing. He goes to find her at her place of work. The boss at the strip club mistakes him for being the stripper on the  "Naughty Preacher Feature" and throws him on stage, ignoring Doug's protests. He calls the crowd to repentance, they boo him off the stage, and he crawls home embarrassed, but with a new respect for the difficulty of work his sister does.

Stay tuned. This show is gonna rock.

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Christi Lynn said...

that does rock! haha can't wait to read more.