Samson went back to bed, not much hair left on his head. 

This is the story of Samson, my fish. 

He's really cool, isn't he? He became a member of my now 3 person family um... last weekend was it? Yes. 

His name is Samson because while he was asleep, his girlfriend cut all of his hair off, and now he's a fish.
But a very pretty fish.

I feed Samson twice a day. I hear tale that's good for them! So I put one pellet in there, right above where he is adorably swimming. Because really, he swims quite cute. Wriggles all around. He's afraid of my hand. He's afraid of my hand when I press it against his bowl and go "BUUUUHHHHH" like in Inception. 

I dropped one pellet in this morning, and he swam up and picked it up in his little fishy mouth and swam back down, and swam in a few circles and I watched him close his cute little mouth.


Then I dropped in another pellet. He didn't notice it at first, I had to wriggle my finger around above him to get him to notice there was food up there.

I don't HAVE to watch him eat... I just love to. It's what I love about having a fish.

Samson swam up with his little fishy body and opened his little fishy mouth, and the first pellet of food floated out of his mouth and back up to the surface and he picked up the other piece of food.

Then swam back down and swam around. I was laughing so hard. That is some major backwash. Sure he's swimming in his own waste, but sheesh. Just spits the food out and picks up the other food. Classy. 

While I was laughing, he swam back up, picked up the other piece of food, then swam around, with it just clamped between his fishy lips.

He chomped on it a little to get it to go down.

But I think he had too much food in him or something, because it looked like the food was stuck in his mouth. I was freaking out because I had to go to work! What if Samson choked and died on his food! But then I realized fishies don't breathe through their throats. BUT STILL!
So I instructed my family to check on him in about 30-60 minutes and see how he was doing, and if that food was still in his mouth, grab him and thump him or something to get him to swallow, or spit it out, so he wouldn't choke.

But then he swallowed the food while I was telling them this so it was all good.

He's a sweet little fish. I can't wait until he's big enough to actually cook.

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Nathan and Kaitlin said...

He ate a slice of wonder bread and went right back to bed.

I like fish. And regina spektor.