Have you noticed how many of my post titles are, to some extent, synonyms for "lately"? How embarrassing.... Even more embarrassing is how much I rely on spell check and auto correct or my little sister to be able to spell embarrassing.

Lately I've been turning 20. As in, last Saturday I turned 20. The 19th year of my life was interesting. Let's cover some highlights.

I moved home and got to experience again what life was like living at home.

I gained a lot of confidence in my public speaking class.

I discovered that I fetchin love Texas.

I colored my hair red.

I got to see 2 Olympic torches.

I visited 3 of the United States' most awesome stadiums.

I made new and lasting friends.

I got engaged and then unengaged, and learned very much what it is that I want in a relationship. And life in general.

I also learned to trust those who have always had my best interests at heart, even if I didn't believe they knew what was best. They usually do know what is best.

I reconnected with my two best friends. And moving back to school after the most amazing summer with them will not rock. And I'll probably cry a lot.

I don't know if years should be measured by January 1st. I think years should be celebrated by when your first year started. Which was last Saturday, 20 years ago for me.

It's been the best 20 years of my life. It'll be great to see how the rest measure up.

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