Salt Lake City Is A Place

Hey Salt Lake City, it's been a while.

Well not really. I suppose I've lived here for one month. But I've only been in school for two weeks. The other two weeks were band camp. And that's not really living. In Salt Lake City at least. More like living in HEAVEN.

I keep telling myself that if I convince myself that band camp is glorious, maybe I will actually love it.

I do love it. Yeah! In actuality!

Nope.  Yes no. Moving on.

I read a great post about places in Provo. Or about how Provo is a place. And it got me thinking... Salt Lake City is a place too!

I'll give you the shake down about what I love and what I hate in SLC.

Love: I love how everyone bikes. And scooters. And long boards. And skates. On campus, down the campus highway thing they have for non-pedestrians.... Just down the road, whatever... it saves the world. I like that. And I like scootering.

Hate: I hate how everyone bikes. Seriously. Too many of them. Use the bike lane! Man. Because when there's you in front of me, a bus the the right, I can't pass you without hitting you, and I can't go around you without hitting the bus, so I wind up going 3mph and hating the world.

Love: Public transportation. That kinda goes with the biking thing. But I'm talking UTA. I love how you can just walk a few blocks, hop on a train, and end up clear across the city. Using the least amount of your own energy possible. Someone DRIVES you! There are buses all over. There's even a special bus system just for campus. It's awesome.

Hate: Public transportation. Trax controls the lights. That's a secret. That I just told the whole world. They do. If a train is coming, it can keep the light green for longer than it ought to, just to make the light. It rocks when you're on the train, but it sucks when you're driving. Which is something I do now.

Love: Everyone is very environmentally conscious. There's a lot of hippies. I'm not one, but I like that people are trying to eat healthy, trying to take care of their planet. That's something I like. I do that too.

Hate: Everyone is hippies. They don't shower nearly enough. And organic deodorant is NOT a thing. At least, a thing that works.

Love: It's very diverse. There is no negative side to this. I love to have my opinions challenged. Being exposed to your antithesis makes you a stronger and smarter person. This doesn't mean that I've given up my beliefs and opinions, if anything, it's strengthened them. But it's taught me how to live in a world that is a world that's more than my world, which is the world we live in. And I love that. I get offended now and then when people go off on rants making generalizations and assumptions, and smashing my opinions, but then you get over it. And you realize that when it comes down to it, the real genuine people you want to spend time with, they're not ones that will damage your relationship with them just because you're not vegan.


Love: It's far from Provo. GO UTES.

Hate: It's far from Provo. Joe, just come to the U. It's a better school. Really. ;)

Long story short, I'm glad to be back in SLC. Let the good times roll, my friends.


Joe said...

Well, according to <a href="http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/rankings/national-universities/spp+50>U.S. News</a> BYU is actually about 50 ranks higher than U of U. But I won't bring that up...

Love: Frontrunner between SLC and Provo opens December 10. I'll be first in line.

Hate: I don't have a TARDIS.

Joe said...

Apparently you can't post links OR edit comments... :P

Lara said...

Well, BYU DOES have you... which isn't something the U has. That probably was looked into on that study. And no kidding?! December 10!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who is Joe. Oh yeah. Sam.

Amanda Schroeder said...

Don't you just want to run over all those bicyclists? Just kidding...kinda. Sometimes I really do want to push one over...but not hurt them of course. Also, I love the U. Rooting for them. Definitely!
Amanda @ weandserendipity.blogspot.com