Liebster Award

Megan from Tiptoe Through The Tulips With Me nominated me for a liebster award!

Omg Lara. You're such a nerd. What's a liebster? I'll tell you! I knew already what it meant, because I kinda speak German. Er, my boyfriend really speaks German. So by proxy, I speak German. I sure hope this is a German word, because I got ripped a new arm when I blogged about lebenshlangerchiksalblahblahblah when I said it was a word, and a bunch of German people flipped out. Well liebster means sweet, kind, stuff like that. Which I am not. But thank you anyways! 

It's an award given to bloggers with under 200 people. Which is me. I'm that blogger.

First. Megan. First time I heard the song "Tiptoe Through The Tulips" was when my dad sang it really slow into a tape recorder than sped it up so his voice sounded all high and squeaky. Hilarious. 

Now I have to do this. Here goes.

1. post 11 things about yourself
2. answer the questions the nominator made for you
3. create 11 more questions for the blogs you nominate
3. choose 11 people and link them to your post
4. go to their page and tell them too
5. oh, and of course, no tag backs

Eleven things about me!

In the form of LETTERS. Oooooh. Keeping you on your toes.

A. I can do the weirdest flippin thing involving my arms and my head. And no, it's not waving my arms above my head. It's this shoulder thing too.

B. I drive a car now. And it's a car that my boyfriend can pick up. Which leads me to the next point.

C. My boyfriend is super buff.

D. I'm allergic to chlorine! And sometimes I say "I wanna go to AZ!" and my dad says "It's hot there!" And I say "That's ok!" And he says "Just go swimming lots!" and I say "Can't! I'm allergic to chlorine!" And he says "OMG LARA. That's RIGHT. Don't forget that! That'd be really bad!" And I say "Ok!"

F. I teach preschool. I can get kids to clean up, fall asleep, eat vegetables, wash their hands, and use the potty. I'm the best.

G. My first love was a family of snails that my brother murdered. Granted, they were HIS pets. But I still hate him for it.

H. I have a hard time motivating myself to clean and do laundry. It gets to a point where I look at the floor and think... "Well.... Did you really think you could keep your room clean for longer than an hour? Nice one."

I. I've tried every major in the book, and I'm now stuck on Elementary Education and I love it. I feel power coursing through my veins at the thought of a generation under my influence. It's awesome.

J. I come from Ogden. Ogden is full of gangs and crime. And if you dare try to tell me that Ogden is a farm community, or that it is tame, I will tear your head off. I come from the hood. And I'm proud of it. (But really Ogden also has awesome mountains, great biking, climbing, hiking, as well as many locations downtown where you can find a good time that don't involve drug deals.)

K. I'm a Utah Mancer. I used to want to go to BYU. Then everything changed when the fire nation attacked. Rather, everything changed when the U gave me a bunch of money. And now.....

L. I'm in their marching band. Best darn band in the land. We rock. Best in the state. I dare you to say yours is better. I will laugh.

Hope you noticed that I skipped a letter! That's because I wrote 12 facts, then realized that was one to many, so I deleted one.

Now I answer Megan's questions!

1. dogs or cats?
Dogs. But I like cats too. Mainly kittens. But dogs are the coolest.

2. what is your favorite tv show?
Arrested Freakin Development. I've found a passion for Dr. Who as of late, as well.

3. how often do you wash your hair?
Every day. Why, you don't? That's gross.

4. any weird talents?
That thing I can do with my arms I mentioned in number one. Also, I can bake a cake from scratch. But wait. This cake will never fall. If I have outside help though.... well.... anything can happen.

5. what is your favorite cereal?
That puffin cereal with puffins on it.

6. who would you choose as your pool boy?
Dick VanDyke. The young one.

7. beef or chicken?
Depends, what are we eating? Usually chicken though. It's the other red meat that is white because it was adopted.

8. what is your favorite holiday and why?
Christmas. Do you have to ask why? I'm not going to answer. That's a silly question.

9. least favorite holiday?
Honestly? Thanksgiving. I like that it leads to the Holidays. I don't like that we have to have a special day to be grateful. I don't like that we spend all day cooking for a 30 minute meal.

10. do you remember your first crush? why did you like him?
Curtis Snowball. I liked him because Hannah Lythgoe asked me who I liked and I was under pressure and had to answer. So I said him. I don't know why, other than that. During 5th grade graduation, he had long hair and a perm. My Grams saw him and me sitting together, and said "Who's the cute little girl sitting next to Lara?"

11. how would you describe yourself in one word?


Now here are 11 questions for YOU! Anyone can answer. But if I nominate you, you have to answer.

1. Favorite time of day?
2. What's the best popsicle? POPSICLE. Not icecream.
3. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be, and why?
4. What inspires you to blog?
5. What is your dream pet?
6. What is your passion?
7. Who is your cellphone service provider?
8. What is your biggest pet peeve?
9. Favorite perfume scent?
10. Something you've always wanted to learn?
11. Who's your very best friend?

Now I nominate 11 people. Here goes.

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Amy at A Spoonful of Sugar
McCall at Adventures of the Mick

Ok now honestly. I can't think of 11 blogs. That's too much. If you want to do this, then I nominate you, because you are all awesome, and are all my favorite flavor of person. So blog. About it. Do it. Have fun.

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Daddy said...

Yes, I remember the conversation about chlorine. It's a good thing I was there for you to remind to remind you not to go swimming. And don't forget we were going to name you "Chlorine", like the song says, "Because we liked the name." Now you're allergic to it. Irony.