Shower Time

Waking up is one of the hardest things I have to go through every day. You know those days where you think "Gee... I don't want to go to school. I should have a sick day." Well that's every day for me. And I want to be a TEACHER. So that's great and all.

I drag myself out of bed. Flip open my computer, plug in my iPod to charge it, and make my way to the bathroom. Five feet of pure torture.

It's always strange taking a shower first thing in the morning. Keep in mind, I've been doing this for years. Decades almost. Well, one decade almost. And it's always been strange. My brain is just so tired! I turn the water on and let it hit me. Then just sit there. And try to remember what I'm supposed to do next.

Lucky for me, there's tile.

Why is that lucky?

Well tiles have shapes in them. So I stare at the shapes. And the shapes become things. Here are some things I've discovered.

For starters, the first thing I noticed.

A star.

Easy enough, right?

The next one is located right next to the other.

A heart. How precious. A heart and star, not two inches from each other. They're probably friends.

Here's where it gets more complicated.

A squirrel.

I had to reach for that one, but I was desperate. 

A cat waving hello.

He uses his other front paw to regulate water flow.

And finally...

A ballet duck.

So there you have it. A slight glimpse into my mind.

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