Blogging in class! Blogging in class! Totally. Totally. Blogging in class.

That's a new song that I've written. Hmm. Let me share some stories. Just for blogging purposes. Recording memories. Junk. Like that.

A story of Aristotle and I.

My little baby Aristotle. He is a doll. Or a lizard, but a doll, in that he is cute.

One day I took him out and put him on my leg and played with him. He'd walk around and it was just so cute. I just sat there and watched. After a while, I started studying, and let him crawl all over. He crawled up my leg. He crawled up my shirt. Onto my shoulder. He tried crawling in my hair and it tickled. I kept studying. After a while, I noticed I hadn't felt him for a while. So I felt my back. He wasn't there.

I brushed my hair. He wasn't there.

I looked all around my chair.

Where did he go?

I jumped up and got down on my knees and started crawling around, looking for him.

I found him near the door of my bedroom. Just walkin along casually.

Now let me tell you a story about Aristotle Stupid Socks. When I put him on the floor, he will walk around. When he gets out of arms reach, he's a mad man. But it's nothing like this. If he gets to the floor by himself, and is pretty sure that it was all of his doing, suddenly... he is a free beast. He is not my lizard anymore. He is a mighty ground dragon.

And that is what happened. I reached for him near the door, and he bolted.

I grabbed him, and he wriggled around like a snake. I clasped him tight and decided that he was too hyper for me to have out while studying, and went to put him back in the cage. When I did so.... he jumped.

He's good at jumping...

He jumped to the floor, and when he hit, he started writhing around. I stared at him and bent down and picked him up while he squirmed.

I put him in his cage and he writhed and writhed.... the poor baby. Eventually he stopped. And he dragged himself, limp back legs... into his skull in the cage.

I lost it. I burst into tears and went crazy.

I looked up a vet and called them. "Oh... it's after hours... but we can put you through to the emergency vet.... it'll cost $40 about..."


"Ok what's your pet's name?"

"Stu-oh. Aristotle."

"And is Aristotle a cat or a dog?"

"Um. A lizard. A gecko..."

They patched me through. Mainly the vet just calmed me down while I was sobbing hysterically. "I THINK HE BROKE HIS LEG!!!!!!!!"

 "Ok.... well I could come look at him tonight but it'll be about $90, and I don't recommend doing that..."

"HE'S HURT!!! WHAT DO I DO!!!!! He crawled into the skull! I don't think he can make it out to get water and food!"

"Well get him out and take all of the stuff out of his cage."

So I did. And I sat on the floor and cried while the vet calmed me down and said if he doesn't get better by tomorrow, bring him in....

I stood up. Hung up the phone.

And the punk was standing on his tail and his back legs, propping himself up against the glass.

He was fine.

And I spent $40 for nothing....

I'm an irrational pet parent.


Katie said...

Hahahaha this is my favorite post. Stupid lizard! But you love him. So worth it.

megan danielle said...

hahahaha youre blog is great :)

also...i passed one of those award things on to you and apparently im supposed to notify you of this haha so you can check it out here: