I had a dream last night that I was in this really awesome huge fancy building with tons of rooms, and I was on some kinda secret mission, so secret I don't even remember what it was about... but I found a wall made out of that mesh stuff they have for kids to climb in the awesome ball pit play place things at McDonalds, and I climbed up that, and at the top was this scanner, and I tried to enter a code, and got caught by these two guys dressed up all black who were supposedly adults, but they looked like kids. One was named McCoy. Oh, also, I was Severus Snape in a girl's body. So anyways.

They caught me and were like! We're death eaters! We're gonna take you! And I said "No, I'm Snape!" And so they took me down into this hall with a computer and had me look them up so I could verify their identities, and then they'd check mine, and the computer was running really slow, and down the hall, the ugliest couple ever was sitting... someone walked by and said "What are you two doing for Christmas!" And the girl said "Well, we're going to visit some family..." and the man said "Yeah, and do some wedding planning..." and she was all "Whaaaaa?" And then he got down on one knee and proposed.

Well. Down the hallway came the chorister from the ward I was in when I was growing up. She was chasing a girl with whom I was in band in high school. I stopped her and asked what was going on, and she said the Chorister, let's call her "D" was trying to interview her for "AA" and she didn't want to.

Suddenly this was really scary. And "D" found me, and all of my friends appeared out of thin air, and said "RUN!" And "D" started chasing us asking us if we could interview for "AA". We were running so fast. I knew where I wanted to hide. This secret hallway that was in my high school. Because apparently, this building was somehow a part of the same dimension as my high school.

So we started running. We got to this narrow hallway that was lit like a casino, and everyone was in there playing instruments, and we ran through as fast as we could, tripping over stuff here and there. I got to an elevator, ran in, turned around and...

There was "H"! The girl who hated me in high school and still kinda does! And I turned around, and she threw a glass of red wine in my face, all over my nice white shirt, and said "THERE! That's what you get!" She got in the elevator with all my buddies and I, and it was really awkward.... ding.

We were at our floor. We got out and ran and ran and ran. I found a dark hall, ran down it, opened the door at the end, which led to a beautiful elaborate ornate room. Behind me came a group of people taking a tour of the room for a wedding reception. I looked out the back wall, which was made of huge windows.... and there was a giant mystical tree growing there with golden lights on the branches and wow... it was the most beautiful place ever....

Then I blended into the group and hid with them. When "D" appeared again. And I started running again.

And then my phone buzzed and I got a text from Joe telling me he'd protect me tomorrow in case of a zombie apocalypse, I just had to promise to keep myself safe until he got there, and if I did get bitten, I wouldn't eat his brains.

It was a really weird morning.

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