A New Star

This Christmas has been the best. Simply wonderful. I've been blessed to have my fiancé with me these last few days, and I'm glad he'll be staying with us in lovely, sunny, Arizona for the next week.

I got lots of cool things for Christmas! Pots and pans, a really cool can opener (that doesn't seem like something people say... but this really is a cool can opener) a journal, some tickets from Santa for fun times with Joseph...

But of all my gifts....

The greatest is....


It's a bear. Dressed like a BAT.  I can't tell you how excited was, and still am, about Bat Bear. 

I mean, just look at him... His name is Bruce. And I love him so much. 

And he has inspired me. Did you ever have Flat Stanley in elementary school? Or a stuffed animal or something....

Where sometimes you can take him home and take pictures of him doing cool stuff and write about it.

Well, that's what I'm going to do with Bat Bear. 

He's inspired me to start a new feature called "Bat Bear Goes Places".

I'm going to get him a lil tux to wear for when he just wants to be Bruce.... But really. I'm excited about this.

So today's first installment of Bat Bear Goes Places!
Hole In The Rock, Tempe AZ

He had a lot of fun.

And, as always, exercised safety. Because Bat Bear needs to stay fit and healthy and safe in order to save the world. 

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