Per the usual, I spent Christmas in Arizona this year. I feel like I already told you guys that. SHEESH can't you LISTEN!?

While down there, my Aunt Jean through a bridal shower for me so all my AZ relatives could come! It was great. It really was. I had so much fun with all my she-family. Also, my Aunt is an awesome cook, so the food was more than just awesome.


While there, people took turns writing on little cards, sharing marriage advice with me.

I got some great advice!

"If your husband is clueless about what you want and need, tell him. Specifically. No hinting."

"Do not, ever, complain about your spouse to your mom and/or dad. Never."

"Don't call each other names. You will never forget it."

"Fight all you want, but be fair."

"Go to bed angry -- Things always look better in the morning."

"Husbands should not ever 'complete' you. Complete yourself. Friends, hobbies, and neighbors will provide the small parts of you."

"Pick your battles. Marriage is a marathon, not a sprint."

"Remember, they cannot read your mind."

It was great. I'm really grateful for all the advice! Which leads to....

All you people out there, married or not! What's the best marriage advice you've ever heard? 

Photography thanks to Marble Photography. Check her out on Facebook!


megan danielle said...

always kiss goodnight!

Amy said...

Start the habit of family prayer right right from the beginning.