That's a lot of what I feel right now, about the new semester. It starts tomorrow.

I was lucky this semester, I think.... I don't quite remember.... The classes were well spaced, and I had some free time now and then. That was nice.

But that was also a month ago.

And having a whole month to be lazy does wonders for one's motivations. Despite New Years Resolutions.

So here goes.

Here's to 8 hour work shifts, two days a week, with four year olds containing enough energy to power this great nation for decades to come.

Here's to school from 7am (injustice!) to 7pm (pray for my survival) straight. On Tuesdays. Oh yeah. No breaks. None of that. Just lots of school. All school. Nothing else.

Here's to Wednesday and Thursdays, the days that will largely determine my sanity. About 4 hours work one day, and 4 hours of school the next.

Here's to a 15 credit work load.

Here's to a wedding in oh... say... hmm... how long... we'll say... about... 9,339,368 seconds. 67... 66... 65... 64...

And the Saturdays that will be consumed with planning.

And the Sundays which will rock.

Here's to a new year. A new semester. A new life in a few months. A new front right tooth. A new city. A new classroom. A lot of things.

Hey there Spring 2013. You'd better be kind.

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