And Then We Start All Over Again!

Saturday! And then comes Sunday! And then we start all over again! Except we need to put Monday in there too! Because it was a long weekend! Yay! And there we have the days of the week! Also Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Also Friday.

This Friday I went home to visit my family, and Joseph had some studying to do so we met up on Saturday for the Bridal fair.

Which rocked.

Rocked a lot.

Lots of free food. Lots of ideas. Found my dress, now to find lace and a pattern to have my mama make it! (Which reminds me, if you know of any places where we can buy lace, let me know...) And we ran into all my old co workers from the JSMB and had the whole "OMG UR NGAGED?!" Conversation. Which was exciting. Joseph is, by far, the most attractive, funny, sweet, charming purse I've ever had.

Ok ok ok ok ok. Ok. I know he's a human being. And I love him for that. But also it's nice to not only show off my ring, but show off my man.

He taught me how to change the oil in his car. My contribution was finding a rag. But hey. Now I can do my own car stuff myself! You just have to climb under and twist those... those things under the car... and the... something comes out of that... the spout place.... and you put a thing... yeah. You get the point.

We went to drop the oil off, we learned that we kinda suck at doing coordinated silly faces...

Then we went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner.

 After Church the next day, we participated in some light reading... or something.... Dave Ramsey. It's great. Money causes a lot of arguments in relationships, according to statistics, so we're doing what we can to prevent that.

Very enlightening. Thank you Dave Ramsey and wife, for the peace puppies.

But I suggest everyone read "Finding Financial Peace"! It's great. It really is. It's very extreme, so take things how you will, but it's very useful information.

We sent out Save The Dates. It was exciting. Just another step close to reality. Marrying my best friend, and starting a New Adventure. A New World Adventure. Oh. Ohhh.......... see what I did there?

I braided his hair too, because people do that all the time to their boys, but guess what? Turns out I suck at braiding. So good job. 

The next day we headed to Ikea. Joe had never been there before, and it was certainly an adventure. You reach a point, in Ikea, where you're reading so many Swedish words, eventually the English words start looking foreign too. 

On Friday I started to have difficulties breathing, Saturday it was fine, Sunday was worse.... I thought it was the air. Because the air is really really really really really  ridiculously good looking. I mean bad. The air is really bad these days. So that's what it was, right? Just the air?

Then I woke up on Monday with half my hearing gone (Again?! FREAKING AGAIN?!) and I sounded like there was a squeaky duck stuck in my throat. But I braved it through Ikea. And Joseph braved his sore throat through Ikea.

But Ikea deserves its own constitution, because it might as well be a country itself, it's so big.... and we got out feeling like we braved the crossing of Russia, no less. 

So we went home. 

I pride myself on the fact that I've made Joseph like soup. I made soup, he made tea, we took a nap, and watched Serenity. Which is a wicked awesome  movie. You've gotta watch it, you've just gotta. It's so good.

Netflix. I'm telling you.

That was our weekend. What's yours? I triple dog dare you to blog about it, and link it back here. There. Triple dog. You HAVE to now. 

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