In Recent Times

This semester was one that was highly anticipated and stressed over. I remember the day before it started, trying to hide, somehow, behind Joe, because I couldn't even stand the thought of the semester. But it's turned out to be far better than expected.

Mondays so far have been taken up by a 3 hour training for a class that hasn't started yet. The class is one where I go into schools, I get a student to tutor, and I teach them how to read. It's a daunting task, teaching someone how to read. Especially since this is a real life child, and I'll probably mess them up forever, because I'm a great teacher like that.

Tuesdays were bound to be the worse, and on Mondays I still feel like I'm drowning in fear of the next day, but it's actually fine. My teachers are motivating, so even if it's 7am or 7pm, I'm still full of energy. There's one class which everyone has said is horrible, the teachers of other classes even say the info that you learn in that class is useless and they have to un-teach us everything we learn there.... but eh. We'll see how it goes.

Wednesdays are great. I have institute in the mornings, and I sit in the sun coming through the windows and read until I go to work. And when I come in to work, it's nap time.... and the music is so nice, and when the kids wake up, they're fed, and rested... and it's perfect. And after work, it's Bachelor night with Brittany and Jackie so that rocks.

Thursdays are great too. I'm going to start donating plasma on Thursdays! I'm really excited. More money. And I get to save lives and stuff. My Grams benefits from plasma that is donated, so in a way, I'm helping my Grams! Also I'm excited to sit in a chair and watch the blood come out of me through one arm and back in me through the other.

Tomorrow is my first day.

I've never done it before.

I'm excited.

Dad says I'm going to Dracula's castle.

So that'll be cool.

Fridays are flush with work, but Friday nights I see my sweetheart. And that makes the entire week, no matter how horrible it was, quite lovely, thank you.

This Saturday I'm going dress shopping and going to a bridal fair! It's bound to be an exciting day.

I'm starting to stress about wedding plans. So much to do. So little time. On top of planning a wedding, we're figuring out where we'll live next year, and I'm applying for the education program and school and work and plasma and test and ahhhh....

So much stuff.

But so far, this semester is a hundred times better than anticipated.

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megan danielle said...

im so jealous of everyone that can donate plasma. i would do it all the time. but i pass out. it sucks.