From The Mouths of Babes

One of the best... no, not one of the best, simply the best thing about my job is listening to these children speak. I love it. The things they say make my day. It's hard, because we're not allowed to laugh at them... but when they say things like this, it's hard not to. So we leave the classroom doubled over laughing.

Me: If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!
2yo: We're not doing this today, ok?

4yo: Come here, brother!
Me: Are you two brothers?
4yo: No. We're brothers in God. 

A 4yo was walking around with a glass prism over her eyes, and tapped me on the shoulder and said "Um... excuse me, Miss Lara! You're a rainbow!"

4yo: God can see through walls. He can count to infinity. He can do anything. He lives in heaven. My grandpa died. Do you know my Grandpa Steve? He lives in Montana. Do you know Nina? That's my grandma....

I watched as the 5yos' changed from explaining that infinity is a concept, not a number, to laughing at the word "toilet". 

‎4 yo: I learned how to stretch.
Me: If you keep stretching, you can still be good and limber when you're 80 years old.
4 yo: I'm going to be a million years old!
Me: You're going to grow to be a million years old?!
4 yo: No. I'm going to grow up to be a doctor.

3yo: My last name is Alice and she's a ballerina and wears a blue dress!

3yo:  "One. Two. Three. Four. One! HAHAHAHAHAH! Fourteen. Nineteen. Seven. Eight! Eleventeen! ONE HUNDRED!!!!!!!!" 

Also, at one point, all 16 started shouting "DOCTOR! DOCTOR! DOCTOR!" Proof that Dr. Who is not just a fiction show.

Me: Do you want to paint?
2 yo: Yes. 
Me: Hmmm.... Do you want to NOT paint?
2 yo: Yes. 
Me: Are you just saying yes to everything I ask? 
2 yo: Yes

2yo: Milk!

I've spent more time than I'd like breaking up the argument of a couple of 5yos over who had Justin Beiber as a boyfriend. 

4yo: I had a good nap time today, didn't I?
Me: Yes, you did. I'm so proud of you.
4yo: Will you tell my mom that I had a good nap time? I just want her to be happy.

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megan danielle said...

i LOVE children!!! they are the best.