One More Time

One more post today, and one more on a topic already addressed.


I like to mention this because it draws people to my blog. People still search this phrase a lot. 

I think about this every now and then. About how different life could have been right now. Dad does too. (Shout out to dad, happy birthday to my old man! I love you daddy.) For him, it scares the living daylights out of him, to think of where I could have been right now. For me, I'm just immensely relieved. 

Six months ago on this day, I answered a phone call, answered a question, answered the door, but little did I know, it was more like God answering me, and my prayers.

Wow. Could that have been any sappier.

But it's true.  

It's funny how little I knew about loving someone until I met him. 

It's more than getting giddy and excited when he comes to pick you up on a date and spending so long getting ready... 

It's being perfectly fine answering the door wearing sweats because you weren't feeling up to the challenge of looking pretty that day, but he still thinks you're the prettiest girl in the room. Even the prettiest girl on the street (depending on the street). 

It's more than just applauding their good works and accomplishments.

It's being there when they're having a hard time and applauding their effort. 

It's more than laughing at the funny youtube videos or cat pictures or movies or Dr. Who or any of that kind of stuff...

It's laughing at each other and laughing at ourselves and laughing just because it feels so good and you want the other person to feel good too.

It's more than loving that guy who took you on a date, and you couldn't believe he'd ask you on a second, I mean look at him...

It's loving your best friend. 

Maybe it's because that word is from HIMYM and that's like omgmyfavoriteshowlykeevaaaaaaaarrrrr.....

Maybe it's because it has German roots and I like me a boy who can speak German.... 

But I'm a firm believer in 

And I'm grateful for the boy who not only taught me how to say it, but taught me what it means. 

Happy six months Joseph B├ęcar. 

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Amanda Schroeder said...

I don't really think that this could get any cuter.