Watch This, Not That

I'll probably get a lot of hate for this, but I don't care.

I'm so tired of PLL (Pretty Little Liars). It's not a show anymore. It stopped being a show when you realized that it was stupid. However, a lot of people haven't done that.

Let's think about this.

If you were getting creepy messages from some stranger, wouldn't you report them?
If you were framed for a murder, wouldn't you present your alibi? Even if it was the fact that you were drinking underage that night? Because I think the penalty for underage drinking is far less than that of murder...

That town is whack. They're all puppets to [I WON'T SAY WHO IT IS BECAUSE IT'LL RUIN EVERYTHING].

Brittany and Jackie and I use to watch it religiously. It was our show. Commercials for it would play on Channel 1 News in high school (yeah that was a long time ago...) and we decided we had to watch it. We quickly realized it was redonk, the acting was horrible, and the plot was awful. But we're girls, and we have to have something horrible to watch, right? So that was it.

We've stopped since then. There are better girl shows to watch. So we started watching those.

I'd like to present you with options, in case you didn't know there were any, and you wanted to quit watching PLL too.

How I Met Your Mother

Why is this show better?: It's like a modern day Friends which is like a modern day Cheers which made an obscure reference to Mormons one time that was hilarious. that's beside the point. There are lots of reasons why HIMYM is better. All of them involve Neil Patrick Harris. A fine specimen of man. I just love Barney Stinson so much. There is only one man on who suits look better, and that is Joseph B├ęcar. Or Deiter F. Uchtdorf. Either or. The show has humor. That's a major bonus. Because PLL is like watching a funeral for hundreds of puppies all at once.

The Bachelor (And other Bachelor franchise shows)

Why is this show better?: Who doesn't love to watch over 20 men or women make fools of themselves to find love? This season is particularly good. The Bachelor is Sean, who is the best Bachelor ever. They needed to make up for last season when they cast Arthur's sister, DW, I mean..... Ben.... So we can watch Sean. Also, there's a girl with one arm, a girl who is crazy (as always), a girl who makes a big deal out of the fact that she's black, a girl who got drunk and showed up in a wedding dress the first night, and a lot of really normal, really nice girls too. But really, no one is normal. They went on this show.

New Girl

Why is this show better?: Once again, humor. Also, most of this reason is Zoey Deschanel. Because every college girl secretly wants to be her. Or not so secretly. Along with that, they want to be Jess. I'm fairly certain that at some point, every girl wonders what it'd be like to live in a house full of men. I do that now. The show is a fairly accurate depiction of what it's like. Kinda. Not really... but kinda. In that, sometimes awkward situations happen. Rather, more often than not, awkward situations happen. Like putting in a load of undies to get washed, and forgetting about it.... and you find it in a basket in front of your door and realize that one of your man roommates put it there.

Honestly, you could even just watch Twilight, New Moon, and Breaking Dawn 1 and 2 on constant loop. I'm so opposed to those movies. They don't have humor to them, but they do if you go with friends to watch it and sneak candy into the movie theater like rebels and laugh at the werewolves who fall in love with toddlers the whole time. Or laugh at the way that one head Vultori (ooooohhhh.... The Vlontuuuurrrrriiiiii.....) laughs....

There's the chance that you watch all of these shows all at once. If you do, stop it. There's better ways to find drama. Like joining a group on facebook called "Waiting For A Missionary".

So yeah.

There's my two cents.

I don't judge you if you watch PLL. I do judge you if you think it's quality television, however. Sorry. Judge not lest ye be judged, but I'm pretty sure that all the angels of heaven understand that I can't help it, because they can't either. I mean really... you could be watching Sean right now....


Stefiko Monsen said...

Oh the joys of W4AM. How I don't miss them...

Lara said...

Right?!?!? I've been out of there for a few months now. It feels so... so.... so free.