A Great Work

Amy Bécar, Brazil Ribeirao Preto Mission, reports July 31, 2013 (Harry Potter's Birthday!)

Matthew Bécar, Berlin Germany Mission, reports March 20, 2013 (Like..... pretty much tomorrow. Actually, the Bécars are coming to Utah tomorrow, and I'm pretty psyched.)

Today, I was out in Holladay picking up a letter of recommendation from a professor. I was stressed, but really satisfied... it was a good day, the mountains looked pretty, I had gotten a lot of work done, and I was feeling pretty swell.

I pulled into the parking lot where I was meeting my professor, and my brother called. "Lara! Where are you?"

"Um.... Not home?"

"You'll want to get home fast!"

At this point I freaked out, thought Stupid was dying or something....

"Well, I can't right now....!!!"

My professor knocked on the door of my car, and I opened the door.

"Lara! I got my mission call!"

"Ok I gotta go now!"

Maybe I was in shock... but I got the letter, and I headed out. Drove like 80mph down the belt route and changed a 20 minute trip into a 10 minute trip. Lover of the Light by Mumford and Sons was on the radio, and I would randomly burst into tears every few minutes.

I drove over the curb, slammed open the door and ran inside.

I composed myself, and it was laughing fun while I set up the camera and wrestled with Brian over the call so he wouldn't read it before I was ready.

And he opened it. He didn't read it. We just stared at the paper.

"I'm going to Australia...."

And I burst into tears again. All hope of maintaining control was lost at that point.

I always said that I've never been able to hold onto friends for very long, (Besides a select, wonderful, precious few....)

In fact, until I met Brittany and Jackie, I said that I had never had friends. I lied. I had my little brother, my best friend of all. I'm so proud of him for choosing to serve a mission. I'm so proud of him. I'm so glad we can receive our Endowments on the same day. I'm so happy he'll be there for my wedding. And I'm going to cry like a baby hugging him for the last time in two years on July 3rd and swallowing the sobs as he walks away and off to Australia for two years.

He's going to be a great missionary. And I'm going to miss him more than anything in this whole world.

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