My Favorites

Lá fíáncé ßßßü Has been stalking my blog. I think this was because a few nights ago I was bored.... and I always need something to do whence watching Netflix, so I stalked the life out of his facebook page. There wasn't much to stalk.... but what there was to stalk was really good. I've got all sorts of juicy gossip on him. Like... his political views.... and nerdy posts..... it's pretty good.

He's started to stalk my blog. It's prompted me to go back and review some old posts just to be sure he doesn't find out that I was a spy for the Russian military  because that didn't happen.

Sadly enough, I've been laughing at my posts. Yeah. I've been laughing at myself. But that was me from... like.... 2-3 years ago, that's like... forever in toddler years.

So I've decided to share some of my favorite posts with you. The ones which were just redonk. Maybe you'll like them as much as me.

Photo bomb 
My Computer Swears Like A Sailor
My Take on the Apocalypse 
So Spoon Me

Wut r ur fave blog posts n ur blog lyke eVuR?

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