My Take On The Apocalypse

Today, November 23, 2010, is the day that the world will end.

It's pretty intense! A huge storm is rolling into Utah! Well, actually it's here.

Preparing for this storm was probably the most exciting thing of my life. Which is saying a lot since, you know... I lead a pretty exciting life. I was planning on staying in SLC for Tuesday night and coming home Wednesday since we still had class tomorrow, but that turned out different. I was planning on going to work on Tuesday and heading to Ogden right after, but that also turned out different. I was planning on going to math, but the storm was set to hit at about 4... I wanted to get home before then. So I left right after band.

I packed, I ran to the trax, I ran from the trax to the train, I watched to storm roll in, I felt the growing tensity. It felt like The Day After Tomorrow. People were really excited!

So far this is pretty boring. This is where it gets exciting. I was able to capture on video one of the most intense moments of my life so far.


gardenquilter said...

Ooooh Lara, this was just so intense! You had my attention absolutely riveted on the screen, so much so that I had to watch this twice!! Those disaster movie directors have nothing on you. I am an actual friend of your Mom's and enjoyed your wackiness. You remind my of my slightly out-to-lunch offspring. Keep posting, it'll help you stay sane while in college.
Terry in Colorado

chip said...

How exciting! I wasn't aware that the world ended on that day, highfive for being survivors!