Just a quick explanation.

My laptop. My sweet, precious laptop...

I could be all dramatic and say that it's dead. But it's not. It's just in a coma.

A few weeks ago, the battery on it gave its last breath. No more wireless computer. To further it's immobility, it forgot that it's a laptop. It forgot the wifi wireless card. So it needed to be plugged into Ethernet for that to work.

The charging cable started having problems. It popped really loud one time and started smoking.... That's probably because the wires were exposed and frayed.

And this weekend the cable all but ripped in half. So no more laptop. I was able to send my charging cable home and my daddy fixed it.... But I won't be going home until Friday to get my hair did.

I used to get my hair did in SLC until one time they tricked me into dropping $200.... Never again. Never.

While my computer is out... I'm resigned to use my iPod or this thing called a Compaq that is slightly larger than a desktop computer. Oh, and it's supposed to be a laptop.

I got Hulu working, so fear not.... I saw Bachelor and HIMYM. Wait! I didn't finish Bachelor!!!

So anyways. While I'm stuck using a barely computer and a laptop.... Blog posts will have no pictures. Which is a shame.

Because my mom has started my wedding dress.

And Stupid is so cute these days.

And Brian is getting his mission call.

And Joe and I took lots of pictures of our faces smashed together.

Not really....

So sorry. No pictures. For a while.

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