Epic run on.

Last night I had a dream I was dating some guy and I met Joe in institute and we fell in love right away so I broke up with said some guy and Joe and I dated forever until one day, some random chick appeared and kidnapped him and when I found him he was a zombie but he still remembered me and he had an internal struggle over whether or not to turn me into a zombie it save me but we found a cure and were adventuring to get him the cure and we were at the last place that would get him the cure and we were waiting in line and it was hard because he had these tentacles growing out of him so if we even touched I would turn into a zombie and my aunt drove up and I ran to give her a hug and felt a sting on my arm and realized she was a zombie and she threw me in her car and I looked out of the window and Joe was walking towards me completely cured and saw me in the car and realized what happened and I saw him scream my name and then my vision went black and I woke up the end.

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