The Sofa of Requirement

My computer has stopped being a lap top. The battery on it is dead, completely dead, so whenever it gets unplugged, it shuts off. I need to run a system restore on it as well, because the internet is no longer a thing that works. It has to be plugged into the ether net cable constantly. So now my lap top is more like a desk computer. Or a couch computer, since the ether net cable is located in my living room. I sit on the couch to do my homework, to write my blogs, to watch HIMYM, to facebook, to chat..... and if Skype was running smooth, I'd Skype here too.

Sitting on the sofa has dug up some unpleasant memories. Not my memories. Not Brian's memories. Not any of my roommates' memories...

The memories of owners past.

We bought this couch on KSL. It's great. It looks so SO nice, and is a good quality piece of furniture..... Creme colored, with wooden details on the back and the arms.... and it was so affordable, and it matches my house so well.

That being said, someone owned this before. So someone has lost stuff in this couch. It's one thing to lose it in between the couch cushions. It's another to lose them in the sofa itself.

Sitting on the sofa so much lately, and shifting around from sitting here to sitting there to laying on my back, side, or tummy..... stuff has somehow started coming out of the couch. Also, I've been losing my phone down in there a lot lately, so I have to dig for that too.

The thing is, the stuff I find in my couch is so odd....

Really odd. I can't imagine how it'd all come from one person. Maybe? But maybe not.

The other thing is, I feel like after my first discovery, I dug through it all to see what else there was. And there wasn't anything. So I've come to a conclusion.

You know the room of requirement in Harry Potter? That's what my couch is. Or it's like the floo network central point. Whenever someone loses something in their sofa, it ends up in mine. No matter where they are in the world, it ends up in my sofa.

What have I found lately?

A few pieces of doggy kibble, a little action finger. His legs and arms move! Or her. I like to think it's a he. Just a hippy or something.  A tiny comb, a baseball card, and a yellow spinny thing. I don't know what it is.

Other things I found towards the first of this thing that I threw away right off because it was just weird.... A few dog bones.... big ones. An old little tiny notebook thing that was empty but also super dusty and felt weird. A few numbers. They weren't phone numbers, because there were like... 8 digits.... They were probably something having to do with that movie "The Knowing." 

There were a few more things, can't remember what. But I've decided I'm going to start documenting this, because it's weird. And isn't that what life is about? 

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Stefiko Monsen said...

That yellow thing looks like a piece from that game "perfection" that was cool when we were younger...