Lé Wéékénd

Oh, this weekend. I was kinda stuffed up Friday morning, and Friday night came around and it was awful. I was just ughhh..... I'm tired of being sick, OK?! I'm over the congestion today, but now it's back to being a cough and yeah. So Joe came over, I told him I was too lazy to make dinner, so we went and picked up pizza and came back and studied all night. And I got a stupid essay done. If you can help it, don't take Multicultural Education. Worst class ever. 

But Joe helped me out with the essay and convinced me to not just yell and throw my computer on the ground and quit. So that was nice. 

The next day was a rise and shine morning, and we headed out in the cold to get pictures taken. Cold. Cold cold. That's all I have to say about that. Besides OMG I CANT WAIT FOR MY PIKCHASAAHHHHH!!!!! 

Came home, he did a conference call for a few hours for his  Capstone project. I don't know how he does it. I see the homework he does, we talk about our lives, so I know all he has to do. I'm blown away that he can do it all. Hours of studying a day. If  my homework goes over 30 minutes, I start getting stressed and have to watch a few episodes of HIMYM. So props to my dear. If you could send prayers his way, I'd really love you. He's so stressed.

P.S. I have a new nickname for him. He's been called Sam (Since his middle name is Samuel), Pete (By me for no reason) Michael (By my grandma because my cousin married a German girl and Joe speaks German...) I call him Little Kangaroo now. Well, I've done that once. But it makes me laugh. Because a baby kangaroo is a Joey. Get it? Hah.


We went on a tour of the Conference Center. We went and looked at wedding stationary. Holy expensive. Any tips on where/how to buy it? Also how to design it? Let me know.

We had sweet pork for dinner, which was so good. And tres leches, which was SO GOOD. 

Not to brag or anything, but I know how to cook! When I lived alone last time, I didn't cook because it was just me and I had no one to impress and I was cheap and lazy. Then I moved home and wanted to convince my parents that I was a good grown up, so I started cooking for them. Then I moved out again and suddenly had a brother to feed and a fiance to impress, so yeah. I had to get good at cooking. And I did. 

So boom.

We were going to go to a Red Rocks Gymnastics meet, but two blocks down the road on the way there, the roads were icy and traffic was bad and snow was coming down hard and we wanted to live so we came back and played truth or dare on his phone and watched movies. Which was better, in my opinion. The whole being sick thing. I got up a few times during the movie and ran through the living room, to the dining room, to the kitchen, into the hall, and back into the living room.... so, a circle 10 times. Then I gave up and took more Afrin.

He also played Blackbird on the guitar for me, because it was our 7 monthiversary this weekend and he wanted to do something nice. And it was so nice. 

Sunday we went to Church. Temple Prep with my fiancé and little brother, I really lovedit. It was just the three of us and the teacher. I couldn't breathe, and I was so tired, but it was nice to be with my two favorite men. And the bishop walked in and laughed and said "What is this! Smith family home evening?" Plus Bécar.... and Brian made the point that I won't be a Smith for long, and then got really mopey. I'm going to miss living with my little bro. 

After church we played Hedgehogs. It's a way fun game Joe showed me. Brian joined it, even. The best move was this one. That involved a TARDIS. Simply because it involved a TARDIS and made the little TARDIS sound.

I'm really loving this whole European culture. Beatles. Dr. Who. I never was really big into it, but it's become a thing in my life lately. It became a thing for the USA a long time ago, but only in the last few months have I become really fascinated by it. Except for the Royal Family. That hasn't hit me yet. Though, William and Kate did get married on Joe's birthday, which is four days after our wedding. So that's something. We've got an almost royal wedding. Except ours will be better than that SO DEAL WITH THAT KATE. 

We also worked more on our guest book. This is my favorite RSVP. Google Docs rocks, by the way. 

So yeah. That was our weekend. Unadulterated. How was yours? 

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