My Kind of School

I've got this class at 7:30am on Tuesdays. It's freezing cold getting to class, and waking up is harder than pulling out your own teeth.

I was talking to my classmates today and one said she went to bed at 3am. Um... I went to bed at 11pm, and waking up was still one of the hardest things I've experienced to date. No nightmares last night, but my dreams are exhausting and stressful.

Well, my class is wonderful. I had a 7:30am class last year, and it was awful. Lecture style, and boring content. The class this semester is about teaching kids how to read, which is something I've always found interesting, since I love reading. And the teacher is great. She makes the class fun. She reads kids books to us. And everyone in the class is a girl, so  we're all full of hormones and passion and stuff, and gossip is easy to find.

Today, we played Banana Grams in class. SO awesome. We passed around children's books and reading toys and just had fun. My group wrote a poem I wanted to share with you. That's the point of today's post, sharing the poem.

The sun rose above the trees.
The day was simply mine to seize!
They green grass was tickled by the warm breeze, 
And the light from the sun, my soul, it did tease. 
I crept out to the garden to check on my peas.
I waved a greeting to the sleepy bees.
It seemed the day was eager to please,
As the clouds drifted across the blue sky with ease!
And then my dog got hit by a car. 

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