A sneak peak at our engagements that happened this weekend.

In the spirit of honesty:

We both froze our feet off. It became painful to walk. 

I was high as a kite on Afrin... though Afrin maybe doesn't really have an effect like that, the drug works SO WELL it's amazing. So I was just happy as can be that I could breathe. 

We had a hard time getting to the same place as our photographer, we got lost, and Joe's phone was dead so we couldn't call her and tell her where we were and give her directions to us.

We saw dogs peeing all over the place. So many dogs. So much pee. 

And I have checked my photographer's page like... every 20 minutes I am near a computer to see if she's posted more. I know she won't post more for a while, but I really want some. 

More honesty. I'm ever so grateful for knowing a certain someone in high school. For more than one reason. One reason is that she is kinda famous right now, and will be uber famous in a few years... another reason is that when stalking her fan page, I ran into her sister-in-law, Amanda Proudfit from Proudfit Photography. So check her out. She's great. Her prices are AMAZING. She takes amazing pictures for amazing prices and is amazing to work with. So check her out. 

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