Lara Reviews Things: Being a Leo Momma

I'm a proud mom to a baby lizard, Aristotle Stupid Socks. I've talked about him, you know about him... he is my pride and joy. He does so well in school.

Being a mom, of course I'm a little over protective. So when he stopped eating for a few months, I kinda freaked out. People said he was hibernating, so whatever.... yesterday he started eating again! That was wonderful. But I noticed some things...

I dumped a pile of worms right in front of him last night, and he jolted. He stared down at the ground, where the worms were, and was on the hunt. While hunting, I realized he couldn't see. He was pouncing and missing, badly... He's had problems shedding and was getting skin stuck in his eyes, so I hand fed him and looked up stuff to help him get the skin out of his eyes. 

Gave him some eye drops this morning... little baby eye drops... After I was done putting them on, he moved, and blood was on my finger. His toe was bleeding. Turns out.... Leos have problems shedding. And sometimes parts of their toes fall off. Yeah. I kinda really got stressed, because A) That's gross and B) HIS TOES WERE FALLING OFF.

So I looked up solutions to help him out, and... TAH DAH!

Spring make-over, JUNGLE EDITION. I love it. It's fresh. It's eco-friendly-looking. Also, Joe and I are staying in an epic jungle-themed room on our honeymoon. So I kinda really love the jungle right now. 

How does Stupid respond? 

"Leave me alone, mom. I'm tired." 

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