This weekend

This weekend was, simply put, simply wonderful. It was one of those weekends that was just amazing.

I got off work, and it was raining. I really love the rain. I love how it smells, how it makes the mountains look. I especially loved that the rain meant that it was too warm for snow. Which was a great source of happiness.

I headed down to Provo.... I got stuck in traffic at the ONE PLACE where there's never traffic... the one place where the speed limit is 25 miles over what is posted.... where they never patrol... yet there was traffic. And nothing good was on the radio. And I got mad at Utah drivers. But it worked out well because Joseph got dinner done in the time it took to travel. He made steaks. I haven't had that much meat in a long time. It was AWESOME. I loved being vegetarian... but I also love eating animals.

We went to the Temple to do Baptisms for the dead. I really loved the Provo Temple, it reminded me so much of the Ogden Temple. I miss the Ogden Temple. (For those of you who don't know, the Ogden Temple is under construction for a few years...) We had a long time to wait in there, but it was nice to sit with him and think and read scriptures and pray a little about some things on my mind. We got to do some of his family names that his grandpa got for us, and that was really cool.

Then we went to the BYU Creamery and it was the first Zoobie thing I've done... Baptisms and the Creamery... but I got this sparkling ice cream? Ever heard of that? Ice cream made out of SODA?! Where has this been my whole life!!!

The next day Joseph and I went house hunting. It was kinda a bummer.... but we got to go to Chick-Fil-A and say "Thank you!" way more than necessary just to hear them say "My pleasure!" And chuckle every time. Still funny.

Then we went home to check out some more places online and MY TEMPLE DRESS CAME IN THE MAIL. This is a shameless plug for Gowns by Pamela. Amazing dresses, amazing prices.... Temple dresses, wedding dresses... great workmanship. I'm so pleased with my purchase.

We checked out a few more places and headed down to Provo for a bonfire. We threw a bonfire. It was awesome. I still smell like smoke. He still smells like smoke. It may have taken way too long to get it started, but it was fun hanging out with all Joe's friends and staring at the fire.

Headed home that night... This Sunday was at my ward. It was an simply wonderful Sunday.

I got my Temple Recommend. For those of you who aren't LDS, the Temple is where church members go to partake in sacred ceremonies and make promises to ourselves and to God. You have to be living a good, clean, worthy life to go. I've been able to go to do Baptisms for the dead, but now, because I'm getting married, I have the privilege of going to recieve my Endowments, something I've been looking forward too my whole life. And I got my recommend signed to do so. I am so proud of that little piece of paper. I loved signing it and saying "Yes! I'm ready to go!" And I loved being in the interview with my fiance, and looking at him and thinking about what a blessing has been.

Sunday was our 8 month anniversary. Eight months ago, on July 10, 2012, he called me up and took me to dinner. We talked and laughed and walked around the mall and looked at ties and drank smoothies and I'm pretty sure I loved him right away. And to spend yesterday with him, with our wedding a little over a month away, looking at him and just seeing how different my life is from what I had thought it would be a while ago. And I'm so grateful for that. Sometimes the Lord's plan is different than yours, but it always is better. And soon I'll be Sealed to him in the Temple for time and all eternity, and our family will be established in Heaven.

I can't think of a better man to spend forever with.

We learned the hard way that you're not supposed to put liquid soap in a dish washer. "Wait Lara, let me stand by it and my feet will be like 'Whaaaaat!'"

We're one of those weird couples who celebrates every month we're together, and I wanted to do something different this month.

I made him a really good dinner. Potatoes, asparagus, brown sugar and garlic chicken. It was really pretty good!

And for desert, we made ice cream in a bag. It wasn't the best ice cream in the world, but it was pretty good. And it was so fun to make.

Here's what you do to make it!

1 cup of half and half
1 cup of heavy whipping cream
1/8 cup of sugar
1 tsp of vanilla

Mix these together, poor it into a ziplock baggy, make SURE it doesn't leak....
Then you put that bag in a bag full of ice and rock salt and just shake it up! Toss it around for about 10 minutes, then throw the inside bag of ice cream mixture into the freezer until it's super frozen.

And then you've got ice cream! We also made homemade donuts to go with the ice cream. It was wonderful.

Oh, we watched Elder Bednar's fireside from last Sunday. It was really good. I think no matter your religion, it's a great message, about accepting the will of God. About having faith in His plan, even if it's not what you want, because it will be for your benefit in the end, even if you don't find out HOW it's beneficial until the next life. Watch it on lds.org! It's amazing.

And then we did some dishes, and we found that his mug has a tea stain in the bottom in the shape of an eagle. It's an omen.

How was your weekend?

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