Throwback Thursday

Today marks three weeks exactly until I kneel across the alter and marry the man of my dreams. So I'd like to throw back to the day we realized we could get married.

Now, I love fairy tales just as much as the next girl. But I realized, fairy tales aren't about having a cute story that people cry about and losing shoes at your friend's house and he finds them... (Don't worry, that didn't happen. You thought I was gonna say it did happen, huh? What a chump.)

Fairy tales are just about finding your happiness, and I found that in Joseph B├ęcar.

So yeah. We were one of those couples that realized they could get married after one month of dating. We've been talking about that lately, and though we decided to get married so quick, we're glad we waited and learned more about each other and took the time to enjoy each other's company without the stress and pressure of marriage.

So here's the story. Joe would come visit me in the evening every now and then. Quite often, at the time, this was before school started.... We were downstairs, and had just finished watching Hot Rod. I think school was just about to start, so we were just cuddling and being so glad that we met each other and being a little sad that the summer was ending and that we'd be so busy.... And laughing about Hot Rod too, of course... because come on... that riot scene is hilarious.

And a lull in the conversation came. And we just sat there.

"Lara?" Joseph said.

"Joe?" I replied.

"What do you think it would be like if we were together forever?"

"I think I'd like that."

"Yeah. I think it'd be freaking awesome."

So that's how our courtship for the intent of marrying each other got started. Joseph said he'd been thinking I was marriage material after the third date or so.... but honestly, I think I wanted to marry him the minute I met him.

And now, it's really happening.


Kellie said...

It doesn't help that you two are identical twins, but one of you is male, and the other is female. ; )

Michelle said...