Wedded Day Bliss

It's been such a few weeks. And I want to blog about them all so I remember them all.
First I'll start with the day before the wedding.

I walked around my SLC house one last time, checking to make sure I had everything, packing the lizards into the car... and I headed out on the drive to Ogden to meet my mom at the salon to get our nails did. Did. Not done. We never get our nails done. No one does. You always get them did. Joseph and his sister drove up from Provo and came by the salon to give me my rings which had spent the last few days getting cleaned. He and his sister left to meet their family for lunch, and my mom and I finished up at the salon and headed over to the site of our wedding dinner and started setting up!

Oh my gracious. I just have the coolest in-laws. Special shout out again to my new mom for cooking all that food. Think Cafe Rio except like... better. Because that's what it was. It was wonderful to have our families there and our close friends just enjoying the day before our wedding with us. The party started then and didn't end until the next day!

Joseph's family came over to my house and our fathers gave us blessings. Joe helped me bury Stupid and we gave each other our last goodbye as an engaged couple. I headed downstairs to start getting ready for sleep when LO AND BEHOLD my best friends were there! They were hiding in my basement! With treats and movies. And we partied like old people and ended up falling asleep during Twilight at midnight. Like old people.

Next up.

I woke up way too early to go back to the salon to get my hair did. Hair is like nails. You don't get it done. You get it did. Or get-r-done. Either.

Went back home, little sister did make up while parents drove stuff to the reception center. Texting Joe.

Got into church clothes.

Drove to the Temple.

And all the stress and anxiety melted away when Joseph walked out of his car and came and held my hand and we walked into the Temple together. The sealing was beautiful. Being with him was beautiful. Being with our families was bliss. Watching my dad cry was amazing. And watching Joseph shed a few tears as he made promises....

I married the right boy. He is my everything.

We went out and did a butt load of pictures with our photographer, our families left, then more pictures just the two of us... Then we hopped in the car and went to Sonic for drinks. And to just flaunt the fact that I was in a wedding dress, our car was all graffiti'd up, and we just got married like an hour ago.

We went to my house, packed my bags for the honeymoon, and went to meet our families at the reception center.

Food. Running around looking for my brand-spankin-new husband. More picture. Standing in line. More standing. Dancing Gangnam Style while standing in line. Water. Shoving cake in faces. Throwing flowers. Blushing while Joe digs for a garter. First dance. Daddy daughter dance. Fun dancing. Hugging little girls who mistook me for a princess. More dancing. Last dance...

And I took his hand as we were about to walk down the stairs and run to the car and he said "Are you ready Mrs. Becar?" And I said "Yes." And we ran off and began our new lives together.

The Beginning. 


megan danielle said...

i love this post. so happy for you. so, so, so happy.

Kendahl Heffron said...

Oh so happy for this story! You just gave me goosebumps! So happy you found the right man Mrs. Becar :) So happy for you and your pictures are lovely so far-keep them coming!

Ashley said...

love this post. so cute:)