Me: Google Reader is going away.
Joe: Hm.
Me: What is Google Reader?
Joe: What?
Me: What is Google Reader?
Joe: Oh um.... (quick Google search)... it's that.
Me: Oh.
Me: What is that? People use that to follow blogs?
Him: No, that's why it's going away.

Anyways. If you're one of the people on Google Reader, please explain why... because that doesn't make sense to me. I just follow through blogger. Am I lame? Maybe.

But if you wanna keep following me, go to Bloglovin' and follow me there.

I also don't know what Bloglovin' is, but I have an account and I follow a total of two WHOLE blogs there.

Blogs I don't even really read, but if I followed them I got entries in giveaways.


So yeah. Do that punks. Or I'll punch you in the face! LOVEYOUBYEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

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Candice said...

I asked the same thing! haha. we are seriously the same, I don't understand the who follow through a website deal. But thats cool if that floats your boat ;)
Love the blog by the way, way cute! :)