Stories From the Married Life

I don't know why I do that. Whenever I talk about Joseph and I, I call it the married life. Really, life isn't too different from before we were married. Other than the fact that we sleep in the same bed, we see each other every day, it's harder to keep surprises a secret, and Joseph does most of the cooking for us now.

Before you go off about how I'm a bad wife, hear me out. Joe gets home at 5:30ish, and I get home at 7ish. Since we go to bed before old people and young children, we don't want to spend the precious moments together cooking, we'd rather spend them eating. Which is what we do.

We also watch Fringe.
And go running.

We went running once. We used to do that more but then we moved and then a heat wave struck and then I got sick.

Advice on being sick! What the heck! It's July! Why am I sick? I know why, a kid got me sick, but why were they sick? Who gets sick in July?

And what's more, what's with these headaches. I don't know what to do about them. I'm tired of taking pain meds, I think they're going to slowly kill me, or quickly kill me or something, so I decide to face the headache like a knight facing a dragon.

The stupid thing is that the knight always is killed. Who wants to read a story where the good guy wins? Not me. #cynic


We bought a baby beta fish, and named it Baby.
We returned some wedding gifts and got about $200 back that we spent on awesome things like meat and pillow cases and face soap.
We stuffed a little gecko full of crickets.
We went out for our anniversary to Red Lobster, which, by the way, isn't nearly as good as McGrath's Fish House. But it was ok. And it was fun to stare at Joe's face across the table, that is always fun.
We got some blueberry lemonade that is chilling out (literally) in our fridge.
We watched a lot of Fringe.

These adventures aren't exactly like the ones of those people who scale the mountain Everest.... and honestly, I think anyone who does that is a fool. Shhhh... don't tell anyone...

But today we were at Taco Bell because I was really needing sugar in my system and we were sitting there talking about our plans for the day, and I thought that it really was something.

We were sitting at Taco Bell! My parents never took me to Taco Bell when I was a kid. And I certainly didn't go there when I was single... And so yeah. It was an adventure to be sitting in Taco Bell.

It's an adventure to be working to earn money not for leisure, but for life. It's an adventure planning out our future, since we're at such a pivotal point.

It's a constant adventure, I tell you. Even when we're just laying in bed and I'm playing with the twinkle lights framing our bed and Joe is reading scriptures. It's an adventure, because it's something I've never experienced before.

And I really like that.

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