Your Turn!

Once upon a time in a land far, far away... Pretty much all the way up in Idaho, there was a girl named Lara. She sat on her couch reading stories one day, and decided it would be something to write her own. She took a quick account of her life, surveyed her journal, noticed that it was mildly entertaining, add to that the fact that she was to be moving to another far far away land, as far away from Ogden as Salt Lake City is...

And she decided to start a blog.

And so she did.

There are a few reasons I started to blog. First was that it would be a way to share my adventures back at home with my family, and also share with those far, far away in Arizona like my Grandparents and cousins, as well as share with my devout followers in Russia that I know so well and love so dear. 

Another reason I started this blog is because I love to write. I have all these ideas in my brain and I like to see what they look like, black against white. I liked to journal, but it started to hurt my wrist, so I went to the blogosphere, and did some stuff there, which is here.

Now adventurers, it's your turn. Many of you have blogs, and that's great! I read them. I really do. I like to read about other adventures and I like to see what people write. But some of you don't, and I want to hear your words too.

So here's a new deal. Starting now. I would really love it for you to email me at  and send me a story.

An adventure you had.
A deep thought you thought.
A rant about the world.
A brag about your life.
A story of utmost amusement.
Or even minor amusement.

Pretend as if you own MY blog and you write for my blog. What would you share with the world? Mom! What would you tell people? Joe? What would you say? Friends, lovers, and nothings! (I jest, none of you are nothings...) Share with me.

Of course you know, this means war this means I'm gonna post what you email me. But I'd really love it. And if you have a blog, connect it here.

And every few days or so, I'll share with the world what you have to say. 

So here we go, have at it. 

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