Miss Lara's Hair

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It was one of those mornings. Waking up early, husband was already gone, a lonely breakfast crammed down my throat faster than the speed of sound and certainly faster than my poor tummy likes. I ran out the door and hopped on Joe's bike, since mine got a flat sometime over the weekend. Then I remembered the key for the lock and ran back inside... then I ran back outside, got on Joe's bike... that tire was flat too. So I took my bike to work. Even though it was flat as well... just... less flat?

I've just been in this thing lately where I don't get many breaks anymore and the stress is building up and sigh. But the good outweighs the bad, it always does, even if I decide to ignore that fact.

I was a block from the train station when I saw the train pulling in and FLEW LIKE A BAT OUT OF HECK to the platform, barely making it, had to take my bike  with me since the lock was forgotten at home and I wouldn't have had time to lock it anyways.

Just one of those days.

But the little girls played with my hair outside in the sun, and that made it a little better. One of the best things about working here is that they play with my hair.

I wear my hair down every day because I like to. It feel softer. I can play with it. It's easier to sleep on the bus if it's down. I bring a pony tail though, just in case someone wants to play with my hair.

And they did.

Yesterday I was asking them about hair colors. I remember a little girl I call Q, who said her black hair was boring and she wished it was blonde, so I dyed my hair dark and told her I thought her hair was beautiful and it made her sad little face smile.

I asked them what color I should do my hair. Yesterday, I asked them.

"NO RAINBOW!" (Because in preschool, rainbow is a color. As it should be.)
"Orange? Please do it orange?" (Coming from the girl that doesn't like dark colors, and her favorite color is orange. She's original, at least it isn't pink!)
"Orange with sparkles?" She begged.

I winced at that suggestion.

However, in the end, we came to the conclusion that it should be rainbow with sparkles. We'll see if that happens. I'm headed to the salon on Saturday, to the smell of perm, one of my favorite smells! It's probably just gonna be dyed back pretty close to my natural color so it'll be easier to upkeep. We'll see though! Maybe I'll go rainbow with sparkles.

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