Up To

I've been up to:

Hosting the in-laws over the weekend.
Demolishing Grandma Judy's house.
Trying to decide how to revamp my blog and then just deciding not to... not yet at least.
Teaching a group of eight kids, ages 5-7, all by myself.
Shivering, because our blankie was entered into the county fair, and we miss it.
Hurting myself more than I should.

Breaking my awesome glass water bottle :(
Finding an unused Target gift card and vowing to replace said water bottle tonight.
Remembering that staff meeting tomorrow.
Drinking a lot of water out of paper cups today.
Sleeping on buses and as the bus approaches the stop for work and I force myself awake, I wonder whether it's worth it to wake up or if I should skip work and sleep on the bus for the full route.
Deciding it's worth it to wake up.
Breaking nails yo.
Getting callings with my husband (Weeeee! More on that later.)
Reserving a restaurant for Joe's graduation coming up.

That's really all I suppose. You?

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