Woes of a Working Woman

The thing is, I get a nice hefty scholarship if I work full time or 3/4 time at this preschool for 6 months. Except for I need to go to school too so I can graduate, so that makes it hard.

And also, what's with the government facilities? I can't do any of my financial aid stuff or any of my name changing stuff or any of that at all because it's not open during the weekend! And it's not like I have a car to drive to a place to do that during lunch. And it's not like I could even do it during lunch because that's when everyone is there so it'd take roughly a full eternity to get through.

And then I get home late and my husband gets to be a non-traditional one and make dinner every day which I very much appreciate, but I do like to cook. And it does make me sad that I don't get to do that for him.

Also it's hot and my hair is getting frizzy and my clothes are just so messy and covered in stains because I left tubes of chapstick in my pockets and it traveled through the destroyer that is the washing machine. And it was grape, so when that gets all over your clean clothes... it's not coming out. Maybe I could buy more grape chapstick and run it through and turn all my clothes a weird blotchy purple color.

We have to go to the pet store every week and the rescue shelter is always there with dogs that I want to take home so bad. But I can't. Because we live in a town  house. And no one would be home to take care of the dog.

And Tomato is getting lonely anyways... I'm just a bad mom. I guess that's what it is.

And sometimes my kids are mean to me and they hate me, and that makes me sad. Because then I have to play bad cop, and they don't love that. I don't love that. Taking away party points? That's no fun. They do it to themselves, though. It may be partially me, sometimes I'm overly grumpy. It's the heat. And my darned hair.

So this is my complaint. I don't know what to blog about anymore besides what happens at work and the day to day stuff. And while that's exciting, one can only read about another person's life so many times before they start dozing off and looking at cat pictures. At the same time. Cat pictures in their sleep.

Give me something to blog about, people. Give me some ideas. I'm just worn out now, my brain needs some good old food. Not old food. Good food.

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