Dreams of mine

This weekend Joe and I hopped on the train and went up to good ol O-town to do some yard work for my parents. Despite the number of dead plants in our house (Around 6 out of 6 plants....) I really enjoy working with plants and stuff like that. I used to want to be a florist so there's that. And maybe I still dream of opening up a floral shop with my husband in our middle ages and bringing joy to the community only to be faced with opposition in the form of our modern-minded children who think the shop is sinking our retirement and want to close it so they don't have to inherit it only for the shop to be saved by the community and for Joe and I to realize that our children don't share our dreams and can pursue their own and for our dedicated shop keeper man/woman to inherit the shop and there's some loveable dog in it too and...

Where was I?

All that stuff was in our yard, and as you can see, there was a lot more on the ground too. Leaves and stuff. We didn't bother to pick it up. It's probably half way to Cincinnati by now, what with the wind and what not. 

I called that thing the trampoline. Probably a better suited name is the trampoline of horror and fear because it was terrifying to jump on. Thrillingly terrifying... exciting... daring... 

I also met a bird named Danni. She likes chewing on my shoelaces and chewing on my ring. Pretty much all the things I like too! She also liked chewing on Joe's scabs which is gross. 

Don't let his face fool you. I was 100% smitten by this bird and made a vow that I would one day own one. I told Joe I was gonna buy one.

"No. They're not allowed in our apartment."
"Well, when we get a real house, then."
"It'll be such a big house you won't even know there's a bird in there."
"I WILL know there's a bird in there, and I'll grab it so fast and put it in the freezer, you'd never know."

So instead we went to get berry fro yo and I plotted how to make my dream happen anyways. And it's gonna happen Joe. Just you wait. 

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Autumn said...

We have a cockatiel and I love that little bird too. This totally sounds like the pet conversations Devin and I have all of the time haha :)