Picture Day: A Few of My Favorite Things

That Husband of mine

I guess today it's just one of my favorite things. Just this boy here. I love how he walks around humming every morning and I love asking him what he's humming. 
"Speed of Sound"
"Let it Go"
"Baba O'Rilley"
"I don't know, making it up."

I like to start my day with music but I love it best with him and his sleepy face. 

I love how he adventures. I thought I was an adventurer but not like this boy.
I love talking to him about work and school and the news and facebook and family and even random things like what his favorite breakfast food is and was and will be and everything. I like to talk and I like to talk to lots of people but he's my favorite talking person.

And at the same time I like how we can sit and not talk and that's ok too. I like how sometimes life is almost boring... because we're both doing homework and homework is boring. But at the same time I don't get bored with him. We're still newlies in every essence of the made-up-word but I don't anticipate ever getting bored with him. And should that day come, then it's another great adventure to have with him, being bored haha. 

I like how he does everything. Our car had a thing about it that wasn't a huge pressing issue but he wanted it fixed so he did. And he picked me up in our car running like a good running horse and he was covered and dirt and his finger was cut but he had that glow of having just done something he'd never done before. And he's all about that. 

I like how he still asks me out on dates. And he still opens the door for me. And he gets me flowers sometimes and makes me dinner so much and he just treats me like a queen. 

This boy is my everything and I'm so grateful for these almost 11 months of marriage. It's been such an adventure every step of the way and I count myself lucky to have met him and for him to have liked me. Liking him back was a given.

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