Harry Potter and the Talkative Four Year Old

D, a four year old, opened his water bottle full of milk. "I didn't know we had milk in our house!" 
He exclaimed. And then he started talking to himself "I didn't know we had milk in... I told my mom I didn't know we had twenty-forty one hundred bargains of milk in our house!"

"D, what's a bargain?" I asked.

"A bargain is a... you buy a bargain. It's a thing in the store. It's what they call the things you get in the store. A bargain is a bur- a bar- a bare a burrow."
"Ohhhh" said E, sitting next to him.

"MS. LARA, You're RADAR!" shouted D.
"What's radar, D?" I asked.
"Radar is what they use on boats to find ships!"
"Ohhhh" said E, sitting next to him.

"Hey D, do you know who Harry Potter is?" I asked.

"No." He said, followed by choruses of "I DO! I KNOW!" The look on his face changed. "Yes... I know who Harry Potter is."

Bear with me. I've learned to make pictures like this and I'm addicted.

"Who is he?" I asked.
"Harry Potter is a fairy who works at his job, and his job is to make a CAR."
"Why does he want a car?"
"Because he wants to drive to SALT LAKE CITY."

"So, who is Harry Potter's best friend."
One-hundred percent dead pan he answers "Tinkerbell."

"Then who is the Harry Potter bad guy?" I asked.
"Robert GOOGLE."
I got up to get something to write this all on. "Robert Google," he continued, "is the bad guy with the HUGE BOOGER."

"Ok... so who are Harry Potter's parents?" I asked.
"Why are you writing on a paper towel?" he replied. "His parents are disappeared. He doesn't have any parents. Then magic fairy dust turned them into BONES." I had to hand it to him. That answer was the most accurate so far.

"What does Harry Potter want to be when he grows up?"
"A fireman."

"Where does he go to school?"
"ECEC." (Our preschool.)

"Who is his favorite teacher?" I was hoping to get me as an answer.
"ME!" He shouted. Ok. I got "me", but not me.
"Yeah," He continued. "I met Harry Potter at the North Pole because he's a fairy."

"How many Harry Potter stories are there?"
"Nine." Another good one.

"What else do you want to tell me about Harry Potter?"
"That he likes me and he loves me at Valentines day. Hey why are you writing on a paper towel?"

A few minutes passed and I started talking to other kids, when D asked "Hey! Are you gonna write more about Peter Pan?!"
"You mean Harry Potter?"
"Yeah Peter Potter."
He went on to describe playing in the park together and so on. And then lunch was over and I went to school.

The end. 

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