Him VS Her

Meeting that Joseph Samuel Bécar kid was a remarkable experience for a lot of reasons. Let's take a look at one of them. 

WE ARE THE SAME PERSON. That was one thing that stood out almost immediately, the number of things we had in common, not just interests, but mannerisms as well. It's gotten worse since getting married. Every mannerism is the same now. 

A few things were different though. There were a few KEY differences. Example? We stand on opposite sides of the Holy War, The U vs BYU, and for all you non-Utahnsies, the local college rivalry. Another example, he uses Kindle, I use Nook. And it doesn't look like either of us will budge on that. He snowboards and I ski. Maybe someday I'll snowboard when I'm good at standing on my feet and stuff like that.

So let's do a compare and contrast some things, what says ye?

Are you a morning or evening person?
Joe: Either/or but definitely not both.
Lara: Morning unless it's the weekends. 

What is your favorite song?
Joe: Changes often, but right now it's On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons.
Lara: Changes for me too. Probably Beautiful Day by U2 right now. 

What is your favorite band?
Joe: Modern- Imagine Dragons, All Time- Led Zepplin
Lara: Forever and always U2. Or the Beatles sometimes. 

What is your hidden talent?
Joe: Flappy bird, but it's hidden even to me most of the time. 
Lara: Finger nail torture. 

Do you like chocolate or vanilla?
Joe: Chocolate.
Lara: Depends. Vanilla right now.

What is your favorite color?
Joe: Green, or blue.
Lara: Neon pink or electric blue. (Notice how much more descriptive these colors are.)

Mountains or oceans?
Joe: Mountains.
Lara: Same.

What is your one desired super power?
Joe: Flight, duh.
Lara: I could get all into this, but telekinesis is far superior.

What is your dream job?
Joe: Captain of the USS Enterprise.
Lara: Trained assassin.

What kinda ice cream do you like? The sherbety kinds or the creamy kinds?
Joe: Chocolatey-vanillaey. 
Lara: Sherbety. 

What is your favorite food?
Joe: Sweet and sour chicken.
Lara: Pepperoni quesodillas with ranch.

What is your favorite animal?
Joe: Penguins.
Lara: Blue whales. 

What is your number one bucket list item?
Joe: Visit every continent.
Lara: Be in a boat that's floating over a blue whale.

What is your favorite ethnicity of food?
Joe: Mexican.
Lara: Currently? Asian.

What is your favorite book?
Joe: Book of Mormon.
Lara: Harry Potter. All of them.

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Ashley Z. said...

Isn't this so fun? Brady was like, "Why are you asking me these questions?" haha I think he checked out early.