Blogging like a pro

Gonna try my hand at pro blogging today. I mean... I've got a fb page now. And a twitter with twitter things. (Actually I just resurrected a pre-existing twitter...) 

And I blog a lot so I guess you can say I'm a pro.

And look at that. I'm good at making things for Pinterest too. Try hovering your little mouse over that picture. Go ahead! Give it a whirl! WHOA MAGIC! It wants you to Pinterest it! I won't judge you if you do. 

Blogging topics? I ran out yesterday so I googled for some like the pros do. So here goes. Covering my bases. 

 Blog about something how-to-do or something. 

To do? How to do? Ok. How to break four glass water bottles.

Step 1: Research water bottles. You'll find that there's something that's dangerous or something inside plastic water bottles. BPAs. Also you'll find that aluminium water bottles give water a funny taste. Well that's no good. Looks like glass is the way to go. 

Step 2: Go to the store and find the cutest glass water bottle. Isn't hard. They've got some cute stuff. 

Step 3: Buy one and then go on a bike ride and shatter it. Then repeat steps one and two. 

Step 4: Buy another and drop it in a room full of two year olds who will be promptly startled and start screaming for the rest of forever. Repeat steps one and two. And then do it again... the point is... you'll always break them. 

Blog about a childhood memory

One time I was 7 or something and saw a 3 second clip on animal planet involving gorilla and poop and then I didn't eat guacamole for a month after that. 

Blog about your style!

Oh what? Don't mind me. Ombré. (Like... Oh-mmm-bray?) Polka dots. Leather. Leggings? What? Oh nothing. I don't know what's happening. Fashion words. 

Blog about lists

Butter sometimes. 
Those are the things I get at least every week. 

Blog about life

Oh em gee. I love my school and it's great. Go Utes forever! My husband is a real gem and a half. BFFs! Bike rides...????

Stop blogging now.

OK! For today at least. Can't keep me away for too long you silly trickters. 

(Omg cute! vvvvv look at that cute little thing right there! Is that my name or something?! CUTE.)

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