Small Town Adventures

I know I said I was feeling bad about taking Fridays off, but it's incredibly freeing to have a day like that. I haven't had a day like that in... ever? And now I have four-five more. FREEDOM. So what did I do? Well, I got my hair did by a woman I'm sure will never ever be happy with anything or anyone, judging by her constant complaining and gossip whence doing my hair. Sorry lady, I don't want to hear about your troubles with boys, or with other customers. Talk such as that made me certain she'd be talking the same way about me when the next unfortunate soul came to get their hair did by her. I won't be returning... though my hair looks GREAT.

I went grocery shopping with one goal in mind: eating healthy. Limited sugar, mostly whole wheat, lots of vegetables, trans fats? More like sans fat! Hah! Nope? Ok. This goal was promptly ruined the next day upon a joint quest with Joseph to attain cereal. I always forget one of these few items on my grocery list: Fruit/crackers for lunch, and cereal. 

The cereal isle is overwhelming. An entire isle for cereal. Too many kinds! Chex were cheap though, which is saying something. Those sons of boxes are EXPENSIVE. Apparently there's a billion flavors of Chex these days. "Do you want vanilla?" I asked Joe. A healthy nosey Proovian stuck his nose in and said "Vanilla Chex are incredibly sugary..." as he stuffed a box of yuck in his cart. All bran-wheat-oat, contains 100% gross, no artificial flavors, coloring, fun, or happiness. "JOE WE WANT SUGARY CEREAL." I said. We grabbed the box and ran, delighting in anticipation of our soon to come sugar comas. 

Then we went plant shopping. Plant shopping is HARD, SON. We went to 3 different places all across the Happy Valley before returning to the first place we'd gone to anyways. We have two different kinds of tomatoes, two different kinds of peppers, two sprouts of kale (yessssss), onions, carrots, beans, and every kind of herb under the sun, including what I'm calling Cilantra-freakin-lo, because it was so hard to find.

The plants sat happy on our kitchen floor until the next morning when they were pretty much all keeled over dead and unhappy. Apparently plants need sun? I guess I've learned nothing from preschool. So we rigged up this ghetto contraption. Impressive? Yes.

The second those puppies had some sun, they were happy. But they're still overly sensitive. If they go even a micro-minute without water, they keel over again. Drama queens if there ever were.

I've got one week of school done and over with, and in this first segment of summer, I've only got a few more weeks to go. And 10 months of school total left, until I'm stuck in school for the rest of my life. If you don't want to be in school forever, don't become a teacher. But it's my "calling" or something. So whatever.

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