I Don't Get The Zombies

Everyone's been talking about how the Government has a plan for what to do when Zombies come.  (Actually, it's not a plan... it's a training simulator thingy... but that's neither here nor there.)

Let's also talk about The Walking Dead (that I don't watch...), Warm Bodies, I Am Legend, and that other one with Brad Pitt where he drinks an unlabeled soda and they really dramatize the drinking thereof. It's impossible to avoid zombies in today's society, so CONGRATS everyone. You're already losing in the battle on zombies.

The point is... zombies are the big thing these days. And they freak people out. I'll be honest, I'm raising my hand too when they ask who gets a little scared during zombie movies, especially when it's OMG ALL OF THE SUDDEN A SLOW WALKING CREATURE IS MOVING TOWARDS YOU!!!

That being said? I don't get the zombie apocalypse. I don't. Some people ferreal have stores of food in case such a thing were to happen. But here's my thing. If Joe becomes a zombie, then he's a zombie! Oh no! And then everyone else becomes a zombie and they're all zombies! Oh no! But then they bite me or whatever and turn me into a zombie... and then I'm a zombie. Oh no? Not really. I figure if everyone in the world is turning into the same thing, then what is there to be scared of? I don't think there's anything to be scared about. It's like jeggings. I'm sure back in the day someone was scared of what would happen if everyone in the world was wearing jeggings. And then we were all wearing jeggings and so what's the big deal? Zombies are pretty much jeggings. A fad. Where everyone has grey skin, dead eyes, walks with a limp, and eats brains. Like being gluten free. Another fad!

So if someone wants to explain zombies to me, that'd be cool.

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