Thank You

Joseph and I stood up from the love seat in the Celestial Room of the Brigham City Temple and followed our sealer into the sealing room. We walked in and were greeted by warm smiles. The room was full of love. It was contagious. We sat down on one of many love seats from our wedding day, in between two of the greatest women I've ever had the privilege of knowing. Today I want to pay tribute to those two women. 

My mom is my best friend. I was not a popular kid by any means, growing up, but I knew my mom was my friend, and she stood by me through it all. She could make me laugh and make me think and make me smile and make me work.

I love my mom for teaching me to believe in God. Her testimony was quiet but powerful. She taught me about the truly divine nature of women and mothers through her daily actions. I'd see her pray for me and my siblings, see her cry for us, see her sacrifice everything for us. 

I owe my mom forever for teaching me to believe in myself. When I didn't believe in myself, she did, and if a woman that great believed in me, then there had to be something good about me. I don't know why Heavenly Father loved me enough to give me to such a great mom, but He did. And I'm so grateful for that, and for my mom.

The second woman sitting by Joseph on I on the day of the sealing was his mom.

I'm so sad I don't have any pictures of her and I together! I need to look harder. They have to be around somewhere. 

On April 25th, I gained a husband and a partner for life. I also gained a new mom. I don't even know where to start with this woman. I have just been overwhelmed with her presence in my life since meeting her son.

I'm grateful for the way she welcomed me in immediately. For her hospitality and extreme generosity. I'm certainly not deserving of it all! But she gives and gives and gives, and I've seen her do that for everyone in her life. 

I think I owe it to Susie for having Joseph in my life now. I remember a story she told me on the day before he and I were married. She said she was on the phone with Joseph after one of our dates and she got off the phone and had the distinct thought that I was the one for him. That's a testimony to me of her sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. 

Even if I didn't know Susie Bécar personally, I'd know of how truly GOOD she is through the way Joseph is. His goodness and service echos the way his mother raised him. His love and dedication to her has shown in the same to me. I do not have first hand knowledge of raising sons, but I hope I can raise sons like Joseph Bécar, by being a mom like she was to him. 

I remember holding hands with my mom in the sealing room before kneeling across the alter with Joseph. That bond was so strong, and it still is. I love my mom with all of my heart and hope I can be even a tiny bit like her. Because that will make me just great.

I've been so blessed by all of the women in my life, who raised me and loved me and touched my heart in so many ways. These women make me want to be a better person, they give me a goal of who I can be some day. 

So Happy Mother's day to all these wonderful women.

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