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Oh my GOODNESS. ExCuSe my bad manners. I've forgotten to invite you over to my home! My humble lil home. Here, take a seat, let me give you a tour. Can I get you any water?

Joseph and I cleaned up yesterday. We really cleaned. JOSEPH really cleaned, he did the most. My claim to fame is our bedroom. I folded the laundry and got everything to fit back inside of our closet. It's kinda fun having a spick and span house. So when guests come over I can say "OMG SORRY IT'S SUCH A MESS" and they're like wut? We're gonna keep it clean! Forever! Or at least until Joe's family comes to town.

Here are our spools of thread, lined up on top of the bookshelf. We've only used two of the colors ever, but it makes me feel domestic and talented to have spools of thread sitting around.

Here is a picture I panted a very long time ago. When Joe gets tired, he imagines there's people inside the balloon, like a loon. And there's Peter, the bear he got me for my birthday, there's the red important folder that'll turn me into a teacher, and there's my jewelry that SHOULDN'T be curled up like that. Here. Let me straighten it out.

OMG SORRY OUR HOUSE IS A MESS. Best part about being married is that we make the rules, and one of the rules says you can eat breakfast in bed on Sundays and sometimes other days. Joe is fixing his computer. This morning it said the "Kernels" were "panicked" and that it "attempted to kill" something. That's a pretty worrisome thing for a computer to do.

This here is our pride and joy. Joseph's pride and joy. His big project in cleaning yesterday was getting that desk into a state that it was usable. It used to be stacked to the high heavens with boxes. Now? Usable. Joseph has a desk so he can do fancy work and not hurt his back.

Our lizard brothers, Ferrari and Hitler. Hitler got out yesterday and ran a muck. It was terrifying and I may have screamed a lot upon discovering that he can, and will, jump. At people. Really far. It'll be the last time he gets to come out of the cage until he dies. Ferrari isn't sure what to think about being direct neighbors with Hitler, they used to be on other sides of the room, but this saves room. 

My beautiful inherited doll house. I've realized that a lot of stuff in our house has been inherited from grandparents. I love that. Some day this doll house will be just glorious. It already is pretty glorious. But some day it'll be even better. Some day when I have time. 

Some more of our inherited furniture! I love this buffet. I love the colors of the wood. It used to be a little strange to me, I think, but now it really fits in to the rest of our house. it's just gorgeous. And oh so fun to decorate. Featuring our wedding and engagement pics, a globe, wedding flowers, an aloe vera plan, and an amazing picture my brother in law painted for us for Christmas. OH and our baby beta fish, Baby.

More of our old furniture. We could be on antique road show. I had an relief society president tell us never to refurnish this because it'll lose value on that show. Featuring a candle garden, a fake topiary, a German beer thing, and a vase with dried flowers, one flower from every bouquet Joseph has gotten me.

Inside our china cabinet are my favorite little Russian nesting dolls. They double as measuring tools, with sizes of a cup, half cup, third cup, and a table spoon. And back there, way in the back is my wedding bouquet. And there in the middle is a random vase full of random wooden things Joseph got for me when he proposed. 

We have a lot of plants in our house. Here are some more with pictures from photo booths. Only two so far. We're collecting.

Our TV is old but I love it. A lot. 

Our kitchen's theme is white ceramic. So if you're ever buying us kitchen stuff, get us white ceramic. Or anything, because we're grateful for everything, especially tupperware. The fruit of the week is PEACHES! Unripe peaches, because they don't turn to a pulpy mess inside your book bag.

What makes our home unique is that the bathroom door doesn't close all of the way because our dryer is in the way. That's just... unfortunate. But it makes our home unique, and so I love it. A little bit. Except for when we have guests (like you) over, then it's just weird and mostly awkward.

Our herbs growing on our window sill. We have thyme and oregano, but I don't know which one is which. So that's unfortunate. 

AND our miniature garden. Our EXTRA miniature garden, with flowers, some more herbs like basil and mint, and cilantro, if it'll grow. But I'll say that cilantro is the most difficult thing to grow in the world. We've STARTED growing it three times now, because the first two times it just died. And back there is a jumbo tomato plant. The roots have started coming out the bottom of the pot it's in. 

SO that's my house. I'm trying to practice more with my camera, so excuse the blurry pictures. It's a work in progress. Headed up to the Provo Temple tonight to experiment some more. Have a great Sunday!

EDIT: Joseph let me know that it's not "a muck" it's "amok", derived from Dutch, meaning to go on a killing spree. I don't know what to do with that information.

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