Why I Choose To Wear Socks

Alright, I want to preface this by saying I know there are a ton of thoughts about socks out there, and opinions and what not... and I don't want at ALL for this to come across as me bashing those who choose not to wear socks. It's your life, I'm not gonna judge you. Heck, I used to walk around barefoot all of the time, trying to build up "leather feet", being a regular flower child.

I think I've changed recently, and I'm just so tired of people looking at my sock-ed feet and assuming I must be some stuck up snob. That's not at all the case. I want to explain to you why I choose to wear socks.

  • I wear socks because I want to protect my heals. Going barefoot always exposes my heels to the element and causes them to crack. I personally don't think it's that flattering, at least not on me. That's just my opinion though. 

  • I wear socks because it's gross not to wear socks with the shoes you see up there. It makes the insides of the shoes all gross. It makes my feet all gross.

  • I wear socks because it sends a message to the world that I'm wearing good walking shoes. Because usually, I'm wearing good walking shoes. I want my boss to see my feet that are ready for walking, so maybe she'll let me go on picnics with the summer camp. 

  • I wear socks because I believe that my feet should be for my husbands eyes only. 

  • I wear socks because for once in my life, my toenails are acting NORMAL and I would hate for anything to happen to them that would make them change their mind and start looking weird again.

  • I wear socks because it feels more comfortable to my feet, with flats and with tennis shoes. There's a time for flip flops, but that time is not Friday because I'm not allowed to wear flip flops to work.

  • I wear socks because it's not the time for flip flops the other days of the week either. I do a lot of walking around campus, and the kind of shoes that call for socks are more comfortable to wear.

ANYWAYS I hope you all understood that this post is purely entertaining. Truthfully I'm barefoot more than 100% of the time when I'm home and sometimes when I'm at school. I don't know how it's more than 100% but it just is. Hope you all have a GREAT FRIDAY! Me? I get to spend a lot of time with my newly returned husband doing work on projects my bum teammates didn't do. SEE YA.

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Ashley Z. said...

Hahaha, love this!