Lara's Helpful Makeup Tips! {Heart}

HELLO EVERYONE! So. I'm a blogger. It's ABOUT time I tell you about my typical makeup routine. Here's a mandatory face-picture. Oh my goodness, my face looks bad, ignore my messy house, yada yada...

1. OK so first things first, every day, I wash my face with Dove bar soap. I've tried lots of fancy expensive soaps, and nothing has worked better than a dollar bar of dove soap. Right now my soap is pink and smells like coconut, so you know it has to work.

2. After I pat my face dry with a towel that may or may not be clean, I'm usually to tired to tell... I put some 365 lotion on. It's from Whole Foods. To be more specific, it's stolen from my parents' cupboards. It smells like lavender and isn't too heavy.

3. After the lotion sets in, I think about what I'm gonna do to my face. I take a good long look at all of my eye shadows and pick out two colors that shouldn't go together, that don't go together, and that I don't even like. But I put them on anyways because I saw someone in a magazine do it.

4. After putting on the eye shadow colors, I take a good long look in the mirror and have a self realization that the colors don't work, and that I really shouldn't try anything new, because that's not me, and never will be me. 

5. I have a frantic moment trying to get the makeup off.

6. By the time I've gotten the makeup off, I usually look like I have two black eyes. THIS IS IMPORTANT. It is an INTEGRAL part of my makeup routine. 

7. I put on the normal, slightly sparkly white, gold, and brown. And blink slowly into the mirror and have another self realization that my makeup doesn't define me. And then I blink quick and happy and stuff.

8. Somewhere in there is a huge long painful hassle about trying to find and define my cheek bones that may or may not just end up in frustration. 

9. FINISHING TOUCHES. I put on a glaringly bright pink lip stick, pat it off a bit, realize that I smeared it all over whence patting it off, and then scrub and claw at my lips and frustration until it's all off and my lips look just a shade lighter than death.

MMMKKKK that's my routine for you! Hope you have a great day, and try out some of these tips!

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